10 Things I Wish I Knew About Being Pregnant

IMG_0073 Being pregnant is definitely a magical time in a woman’s life. Although pregnancy can be portrayed as something out of a fairy tale, it’s not always so easy. This is a photo from my first pregnancy, less than a month before I gave birth. As I sit here typing this, I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday yesterday and I am officially 13 weeks pregnant with my second child (yes I know lol). Neither were planned but hey, c’est la vie. I compiled this list while thinking about my experiences with pregnancy. I don’t intend to scare anyone but these are my honest observations 🙂

1) Resist the urge to compare yourself with other women: You are now a sacred vessel carrying a precious life. Growing that bump is a part of all the fun!

2) Use the pregnancy card when you can: You’re only pregnant for 9 months (although it may seem like an eternity towards the last month) and your bump is around for way less time than that. Use the power of the bump when necessary! Heck, sometimes people pull the pregnancy card for you! I’ve skipped a few long lines thanks to the kindness of others; “Hey, let the pregnant lady go first!”

3) Sometimes you’re horny, sometimes you’re not: During my first pregnancy, I felt like my sex drive disappeared. Some women experience the exact opposite. This time around I feel like I still have a normal healthy sex drive but who knows how long that may last.

4) You will become a human pushpin: Your doctor will want to test you for every disease under the sun. Some visits they may collect a few vials of blood from you for who knows what. I will still cringe and get sweaty palms every time I face that darn needle.

5) Pain will knock on your door long before your due date: I always get those occasional sharp pains in my uterus from everything stretching out in there. Just last night I had bad back pain and pains in my stomach from doing some light housework. Every pregnancy is different so make sure to always pace yourself and ask for help!

6) Baby movements: You’ll be so excited when you first start to experience the sensations of your baby moving around in you. It’ll start to get old once you notice your baby wants to thrash around in your belly when all you want to do is get some rest.

7) Keep your fridge and pantry well stocked with juice and prunes: Before you know it trying to squeeze one out is going to get pretty tough. Eat your prunes girl!

8) Dreaming in HD: You’ll have amazingly vivid and sometimes weird dreams. My pregnancy dreams usually revolve around food and raiding people’s kitchens for chocolate 🙂

9) Don’t let others make you feel like your birth needs to be a certain way: When I was pregnant with Zuri, she was breech. Everyone was pressuring me into doing all sorts of things to get her to turn into the right position for a natural birth. The only person who told me to ignore all these stupid people was my sister. She told me Zuri will come the way she is meant to come. Well my sister was right. I was scheduled for a c-section on August 17th and I couldn’t have had an easier birth, not to mention people were jealous of my daughter’s perfectly round head! Don’t allow others to make you feel like you should have a c-section or natural birth. You will give birth the way you are supposed to.

10) You’ll fall in love with your partner again: You’ll feel so close to each other, especially when you think about the little baby you two created. It’s also super important to do more things together as the days of your little one’s arrival gets closer. You won’t regret it!



Last night I had a very vivid dream that awoke me with emotions of sadness and curiosity as to why I even had this dream in the first place. All I can really recall is the last bit of the dream where I sat in a classroom writing an entire page about my life. When I woke up I thought to myself, “What have I been doing with my life?” I have all these ideas that I start and never finish. Ever since I became a mom its gotten even worse. After completing my associate’s degree and starting my paralegal career I was really happy maybe for a few months until I felt like I was on a hamster wheel.

I hated the fact that I had to drop my then three month old daughter to my mom every day while I sat in a cubicle for 8 hours. I hated that all I did was copy and paste information into notices of action after I spent two years learning how to write and research like a lawyer. Something was missing from my life and I didn’t know what. All I knew was that I was never cut out to be an employee, I never really excelled at any job I had anyway.

This blog is my testament to all the moms out there who can relate to the struggle of either working in an office or being a stay at home mom (as I have done both). We are strong and even stronger when we can come together and support each other’s dreams. Even now as I write this post I have been interrupted several times by my restless toddler, but this time I won’t quit on my passion for writing. I am determined to keep going even if no one ever reads this although I hope someone will!

Stay tuned for more chronicles of this basic mom. 🙂